Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life has a strange way of working itself out!

Recently I went through an experience that I wish no one EVER has to go through. It was tough, very very tough. It was incredibly life altering, literally shook me up inside out. Life brings stuff your way sometimes that is not exactly what you ever imagined for yourself, even in your wildest dreams. This was one of those incidents, where I couldn't believe I was going through it. ME, little old ME? I didn't know where to go from there. I was so lost and confused and hurt and shocked, I didn't know how to move past it. I could barely understand it, let alone accept it. Why ME? How ME? Who? ..... ME?

It took me days to absorb it. Its taking me weeks to accept it, I'm not sure I've still fully accepted it. The funny thing is, in a really strange way, it turned out to be something that made me look at myself deeper than I had ever tried before. I paused, in my super fast-paced speedy life, I HAD to pause. I had to take another look at where I was headed. I had to rethink everything that I was doing and think about what I needed to prioritize.

People say "Everything happens for a reason". We've all been told that, several times, haven't we? Such a cliche' yet somehow so true. Whether we like it in the moment or not, where life takes us from the worst possible places is truly surprising. I mean, when you're at the lowest of lows there's only one way to go from there and that is UP. I was moving so fast and doing so much in life without really thinking about whether it was right for me or not. So this little incident of mine made me focus on things that I should've been focusing on to begin with. It halted my stride in the wrong direction and put me on the right path. It was at a high cost but you know what, in the end, it lead me to the right direction for my life and I can only hope that this would be a positively life changing event.

It really was so hard for me to cope with but in a weird way I'm glad I was pulled back and forced to reassess my life and fix what needed to be fixed. So next time you hear "Everything happens for a reason" try and let some time pass, re-evaluate your life and see what positive difference a negative event in your life can make :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I can totally relate to this, I went through something similar 5 months ago...somewhat seeing the upside of it all. Anyways thanks for sharing.